It's Shake n Bake...And I helped!

It’s Shake and Bake…and I helped!

Blog #6: 11/12/2017

When my daughter, Shake, and her good friend, Bake, were about 5 and 6 years of age they kept us on our toes. Like when Bake fell asleep on the sofa and Shake proceeded to clip 16 hair bows to his hair or when Bake fell asleep in the recliner and Shake completely buried him in Beanie Babies. (Ahhhh, Beanie Babies…what a wise investment. Surely, they are to be worth millions one day or a stuffed garbage bag delivered to Goodwill.) The photographs of these moments are sure to emerge around high school graduation.

Then there is snow day…except when DAY turned into DAYS. Bake and his mother came by for a quick visit which turned into 4 solid days of not being able to leave the house due to the treacherous icy road conditions. We sent my husband on a walk (slipping and sliding) to the local gas station in search of any and all the bottles of wine he could get his hands on in order for the adults to survive. He reported every husband within a two- mile radius had been ordered to do the same and especially those who were trapped inside with the mother- in-law. (You know what they say…Fish and relatives start to stink after three days.) And to top it off, our Elf on the Shelf ideas were dwindling. Nor, did we think another gourmet breakfast made by the little darlings of string cheese chunks, gold fish crackers, a blob of peanut butter with leftover Halloween candy could be ingested.

It was also around the time the tooth fairy was in season. Bake’s teeth fell out like broken glass. Shake’s teeth on the other hand were a bit stubborn. (I’ve never understood why we get a new set of teeth when we are 6, but could really use a new set around 60.)

The morning arrived when two little snaggled- toothed creatures stood smiling in the kitchen. “Oh, Shake! You lost your first tooth”, we exclaimed! She replied, “Yea, Bake, helped pulled it!” “Where is it?” I asked. “We dropped it…down the sink.”, the little squeaky voices replied. When the tears started to well up we knew we had to act fast!

My husband jumped in to action. He drew up a formal legal document addressed to the Tooth Fairy confirming that said tooth indeed was legitimate. A formal request was made of which she, please, swing by the house during her travels that evening to leave a monetary treasure under Shake’s pillow. And, guess what…it worked!

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