G.R.A.M. Never a bore at 84!

G.R.A.M. 5/9/18: Blog #10

Gram: To know her is to love her Gregarious, Generous, and Gorgeous inside and out outRageous sense of humor Amazing and Astonishing beyond words Magnificent hot Mess And in the words of Ousier Boudreaux/ Steel Magnolias…” too twisted for color tv!” With fermented grapes or, in Gram's case, fermented potatoes, we toast your upcoming birthday. A day which is sure to live in infamy!

So…here’s to the lady who has endured unimaginable loss, illness, marriages, divorces, births, rowdy kids, obnoxious adults, “rebbin’” truck motors on Muffler Island, shirtless landlords, peeling out in the driveway to “My Way”, prank phone calls, cartwheels, splits, loud music AND have added laughs and flare to each of our lives… May you continue to get down like a Brick House to Uptown Funk, rock out to Pink Floyd, snapchat to your hearts content, sing along to the King, Frank, Patsy and, of course, our own beloved guitar playing resident lumbar jack with his neon and beer! Never a bore at 84...Rock on young lady!

Quote: “That cop didn’t even stop to help…he passed her faster than a case of the clap.”-The one and only… Gram! LOL

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