Beautiful...The Miracle League

BEAUTIFUL Pure souls, unconditional love, inclusion, infectious joy, encouragement... Blog Post #11 5/10/2018

These are the words that come to mind as I stood fighting back tears of happiness and overwhelming joy. No judgement; no unsolicited opinions and comments or parenting advice. Just beautiful souls and families coming together…acceptance.

Miracle League…an organization which provides children with special needs and challenges an opportunity to enjoy the game of baseball…where love and joy abound, friendships are made and a support system is formed. Something quite difficult to find in this world.

To say being grateful to be a part of this doesn’t even begin to describe it. Having had the opportunity to work with children with a wide array of challenges has taught me more about life than I could imagine. Compassion. Thank you, Miracle league, for putting a smile on these precious angels’ faces and mine. For a brief time, worries and struggles subsided.

Now…on a lighter note…one of my favorite moments was watching the batter swing numerous times without hitting the ball. With every swing and miss, the cheers got louder and his smile grew bigger. So, he took his bat and ripped off a little rock-n-roll air guitar for several minutes. Priceless! By: KNJ

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