Driving Miss Daisy


Blog #13 Driving Miss Daisy

There are few things that beat Taco Tuesday or a super cheesy Hallmark show…But my latest gig definitely surpasses both! An angel appeared in my life at a time when I needed it most while trying to figure “it” all out.

How two lives separate in time, place and circumstance collide has always been a great wonder. Within minutes of our very first meeting, it was discovered we are both Mississippi girls aka GRITS…Girls Raised In The South. It’s only been a few short months of being honored to drive my precious Miss Daisy.

She is an 88 -year old elegant, charming, classy, spitfire…always filled with fascinating stories of her travels and life experiences. To say it’s an honor to be a small part of her life is an understatement. I even have a special bond with her Cadillac of a walker. We’ve named him, Sterling, by the way.

We have had quite a few Lucy and Ethel moments. One of my favorite was on a grocery shopping trip. The clerk invited Miss Daisy to use one of the electric carts while Sterling hung out with the customer service folks. Both of us being rookies at operating a grocery scooter thingy was quite comical. After digging in my purse for my reading glasses and reciting the operating directions, Miss Daisy took off passing fellow customers faster than a “case of the clap”( in the words of my friend, GRAM). I cried laughing as I chased after her down isle 17 hollering for folks to clear the way.

She ended up at my favorite spot…the wine department. I knew at that moment I really liked her. LOL! Three bottles of Chardonnay and a six pack of lemonade “with a kick” along with probiotic supplements and Ensure we rolled through the checkout line feeling like Super Bowl Champs. I have a feeling many more memories are going to be made with my little ray of sunshine…

There will without a doubt be more stories to share of our adventures. Stay tuned…. 

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