They made me take Sociology...again! 🤦‍♀️

01/21/2020 Blog #17

They made me take a Sociology class (again) after 300 years. This class is about the role of popular culture in American Society.

This module was about clothing choice...I'm really hoping my professor has a sense of humor! 1. Why do you wear the clothes that you wear? Unless I have to leave the house for an event, I generally wear workout clothing and comfortable styles. (Although the word, “lazy”, does pop in my mind.) I also have a wide array of athletic footwear. The last time I wore a pair of stunning high-heeled shoes was at my daughter’s wedding 6 years ago. My feet were swollen to the point it looked as if I had two Bassett hounds attached to my ankles.

2. Do you choose your clothes? Yes, I choose my own clothes. Unfortunately, I fired my personal shoppers and fashion consultants last week. They were getting on my nerves. I suppose styles and trends are essentially developed by the fashion industry and haute couture designers.

3. What do they represent? My clothes represent that I am athletic or, at least used to be, before I developed a screaming case of posterior tibial tendonitis and a torn lateral meniscus. I do stay very active and exercise daily. I figure as an exercise physiologist and previous wellness program director, I might as well practice what I preach and look the part. Plus, I can transition from folding laundry and matching white socks to dish-washing and directly into an hour-long bout on the elliptical trainer with ease in order to listen to nursing lectures. This attire also works well for grocery shopping and sitting in my favorite chair with my glass of wine while I am serenaded by my husband’s loud snoring.

4. What options do you have? Well, I went from a Neiman Marcus Mamma to a Walmart Woman at record setting speed. Seriously, I do have many clothing options based on the events or plans for the day. My husband is always a bit baffled when I exclaim that I have “absolutely nothing to wear” especially since I hog 4 closets and he gets a bit of closet space the length of a loaf of bread.

5. How is your choice of clothes embedded in discourse? As a corporate wellness program director, my attire would change based on the events of the day. I would wear business attire if attending a formal meeting or delivering a presentation to the employees or management, scrubs when conducting biometric screenings and health risk assessments or during health and lifestyle education and coaching appointments, and athletic wear when instructing a group fitness class.

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