Darla at the DMV

Post #21. 01/09/2021

                                       Darla at the DMV

So, my brother phoned me this afternoon to share an experience… He had gone to the DMV to renew his Driver’s License. There were quite a few youthful beings present taking their first driver’s test. There was a massive presence of glasses, braces and acne. One of the braces and palate expansions had just passed her test. She was exhilarated and beaming with pride! My brother congratulated her on the achievement. Her name was Darla. She was sure to become a beautiful swan one-day.

Darla was greeted by the quintessential secretary. The one who had spent one too many days behind the window at the DMV. “Roz”, the secretary, was wearing bejeweled cat eyed glasses with a gold chain, a very large mole, bright red fingernails and an over-abundance of musk perfume. (Remember the secretary on Monsters, Inc. LOL!)

Anyway, my brother was in line behind Darla. When she was asked by Roz, “Do you wanna’ be an organ donor?” Silence filled the room. Darla descended into deep thought…………………………

During this long pause, my brother sprouted more gray ear hairs and his cataracts were thickening with every move of the second hand on the wall clock. He was getting concerned that he might not be able to pass the vision exam if things didn’t hurry along.

Darla finally spoke with a quivering voice, “So…When?!?”

The DMV erupted in laughter. Roz proceeded to explain to her in a very personable, loving way (not) that a designated day and time was not required.

Darla departed relieved to know she could hang on to her kidneys and all other vital parts while enjoying the freedom and independence of the open highway.

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