A Classic "Dad" Moment

03/15/2012 Blog #22

So…our 14-year-old daughter has her first crush.

This, of course, has about caused her father to have a stroke.

The young man came to visit her at our house. Besides lurking behind the refrigerator to keep an eye on the situation, I vacuumed the hardwood floors all around them and walked on the treadmill WAY longer than planned.

When her Daddy got home from work, we sat on the back porch with the windows wide open. Apparently, they were getting a bit too close to one another and my husband jumped to his feet and said, “OH H@%&*LL NO!”

He marched inside and pulled an epic Dad move…He just stood in the living room. Our daughter asked what he was smiling about and he replied, “Oh nothing…I’ve just got bad gas.”

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